Top 6 Reasons to Choose Accraline for Precision Machining

We get it. You’re looking for a company that can handle your big or small CNC precision machining job. Why choose us?

When checking with vendors to see if they are qualified and their facility is comprehensive enough to handle your work, here is what to look for.

1. Is the company hungry, yet not desperate for work? Why do you care? Because you want to work with companies that are willing to do their best. They will be up-to-date with technology and hopefully are showing what they are capable of through social media or a blog! Being hungry means they will still have the quality and turnaround time you want and will also be somewhat competitive on price. As a business owner I understand the difference between spending a lot of money and getting what you pay for.

2. The second thing you should do is find out what the company’s capabilities and understandings are with different materials. This is very important. Quite simply, can they work with the materials you call for?

3. Similarly, what are their machining capabilities? It’s much more efficient for you to outsource to one company than to three, just for one project. What are their in-house and out-sourcing capabilities, so you can save on time and paperwork?

4. You also want to know if there is somebody available you can talk to with knowledge and expertise. Can you speak with a decision-maker? This saves a lot of time.

5. Does the Machine Shop/CNC Vendor have design capability, or at least the ability to open up a design and make changes to a model or red line to print? You may ask, “I do my own designs, so why is this important?” If you think that way, you’re very wrong. Machinists who design, run programs such as SolidWorks, make changes to models and are capable of redlining prints, are much better machinists. They also understand the constraints and needs of both design and machining. They understand more about their trade.

6. How many times have you gone for what you thought was a good price and you ended up with parts that did not meet the print, did not conform to your assembly, or you ended up talking to a supervisor or company owner that just told you, “Well, we made it to print!”? When working with machine shops, you need to know that you’re working with a company that can interpret the prints properly, and if there are questions that they will call you instead of just making what they think they need to make by the print.

As you see, there is much more to choosing a company than how clean their floors are- although this shows a great deal of the character of a CNC machining business.

Thinking from the perspective of, “Who or what does this part or job need in order to be done properly the first time?” is a great question to ask to get the job done right!