Accraline values its relationships with other machine shops in the region.   We recognize that those of us in the Tool & Die trade may have different areas of expertise and we need each other at times to fully satisfy our customer’s requirements.

Due to the large capacity capability that Accraline calls its ‘area of expertise’, we support other shops all the time by being a subcontracted solution, helping you meet your customer’s needs and requirements.

We treat subcontract work with the utmost confidentiality and mutual trust and have no problem signing NDA’s if so desired.

Don’t lose a job because a portion of the project is too big for your equipment or are worried about disclosing your customer to a ‘competitor’.   Bring that subcontract work to Accraline – we will help out however we can – it is part of what we do!

The shaft on this industrial mixing shaft was worn and had become out of center. A neighboring machine shop did not have the ability to handle this unwieldy component and brought it to Accraline. Our experts built a Steady Rest ring fixture in order to machine the shaft and restore it to working condition. This one was a challenge that Accraline accepted and delivered on!