CNC Machining: Why Aluminum?

Aluminum is an incredibly versatile material and, alongside brass, one of the easiest to machine; it is one of the materials occasionally used in Accraline, Inc’s precision CNC machining services. Its many advantageous properties allow aluminum to be used in a variety of applications. The importance of aluminum in the machining industry cannot be overstated.

Let’s explore the advantages and applications of aluminum machining.

Advantages of Aluminum CNC Machining

There are several advantages of using aluminum:

  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Superconductivity
  • Ductility
  • Malleability
  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Light reflectivity
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Recyclability
  • Aesthetic Appeal

Applications of Aluminum

Aluminum is the most widely used non-ferrous metal and has a myriad of applications:

Transportation: Aluminum is used in all areas of transportation, including the production of automobiles, aircraft, trucks, railway cars, marine vessels, bicycles, spacecraft, etc.

Packaging: Aluminum is a favored material for cans, foil and other food and beverage containers because of its resistance to corrosion.

Construction: It’s used in all parts of construction, including windows, doors, siding, roofing, etc.

A wide range of household items: Aluminum is used for a variety of common household items, particularly cooking utensils because of its resistance to corrosion and light weight.

Electrical transmission lines for power distribution: Aluminum’s electrical conductivity and lightweight quality make it an ideal material for electrical transmission lines.

Super purity aluminum: Super purity aluminum is aluminum that has been through a refining process. It is used in electronics, CDs, wires and cabling

Components in electronic appliances: Aluminum is chiefly used for heat sinks in transistors and CPUS in electronic appliances.

Light reflective surfaces and paint: Aluminum’s high reflectivity provides a shiny, metallic finish in aluminum paints.

Moving Forward

Because aluminum is one of the most commonly used and most easily machined materials, many companies offer aluminum CNC machining services. As such, selecting the right company is key. It is important (and profitable) to choose a reliable partner who can handle any job – big or small – from start to finish. It is also beneficial to choose a partner who can address all your needs and is capable of machining other materials in addition to aluminum.

If you are tired of dealing with the inconsistencies and limitations of small companies or multiple vendors, please consider partnering with Accraline.